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Nebraska City Demographics

Centrally located in the United States, Nebraska City is the quintessential Nebraska city that provides its employers access to a 700,000 plus workforce which includes Omaha and Lincoln, but it still offers a great quality of life and the small town safety.  Nebraska City, the third oldest community in the state, is deeply rooted in history and is embracing it's future.  As the home of internationally celebrated Arbor Day, Nebraska City is proud of the diverse green spaces and spirit of environmental stewardship.  Nebraska City, Arbor Day's Hometown: Where Great Ideas Grow!

Nebraska City has a rich history and has benefited from economic growth, a small town quality of life yet a close proximity to metropolitan areas.  The community invites individuals who are looking to return to the area to raise their families, explore their dreams and explore a life style only offered in southeastern Nebraska. Click on our pages and discover what makes Otoe County Nebraska a great place to live, work and play.

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For a more extensive look, see our Nebraska City Local Labor Market Report 2010

Cost in Doing Business in Nebraska State to State Comparison


Population 2000 2010 2016 2021
Nebraska City 7,265 7,300 7,452 7,564
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02

Population by Age

Population 2010 2016 2021
0-4 510 481 479
5-9 483 450 440
10-14 483 447 439
15-19 445 438 423
20-24 419 449 417
25-29 451 494 505
30-34 387 419 454
35-39 393 352 388
40-44 375 356 325
45-49 509 435 412
50-54 529 521 450
55-59 428 512 481
60-64 451 442 509
65-69 347 447 452
70-74 276 349 432
75-79 245 287 351
80-84 215 203 230
85+ 354 373 378
18+ 5,520 5,787 5,927
Median Age 41 43 44
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02

Population by Race

Nebraska City 2016
Total 7,452
White Alone 89.200
Black Alone 0.520
American Indian Alone 0.380
Asian Alone 0.910
Pacific Islander Alone 0.320
Some Other Race 6.430
Two or More Races 2.240
Hispanic Origin 12.990
Diversity Index 38.400
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02


Population 2000 2010 2016 2021
Households 2,906 2,966 3,062 3,128
Housing Units 3,157 3,272 3,420 3,512
Owner Occupied Units 1,934 1,976
Renter Occupied Units 1,129 1,152
Vacant Units 358 384
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02


Nebraska City 2016 2021
Median Household $50,372 $56,352
Average Household $58,093 $65,204
Per Capita $24,093 $27,175
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02

Household Income Base

Nebraska City 2016
<$15,000 345
$15,000 - $24,999 404
$25,000 - $34,999 268
$35,000 - $49,999 494
$50,000 - $74,999 774
$75,000 - $99,999 349
$100,000 - $149,999 332
$150,000 - $199,999 74
$200,000+ 21
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02

Growth Rate

Nebraska City 2010 - 2014 2014 - 2019
Population 0% 0%
Households 1% 0%
Families 0% 0%
Median Household Income 2%
Per Capita Income 2%
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02

Nebraska City Quality Life

Overall Livability Ranking, 2007 (1 is best; 50 worst) 11
State Health Ranking, 2005 (1 is best; 50 worst) 11
Crime Rate Per 100,000 Population, 2005 3,710.2


Nebraska has one of the highest public high school graduation rates in the United States . The community has public and parochial school systems, as well as the Nebraska Center for Children Who are Blind or Visually Impaired, a state school founded in 1875. Combined, the city’s seven schools serve over 1600 children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. In 2007, a bond issue was passed to construct a new K-2nd elementary school; and to make additions and renovations to the 3rd-5th grade elementary school and the high school. Most recently in May of 2013, Lourdes Central Catholic School just completed an 8.5 million dollar renovation.  We believe in investing into our kids education and it shows!

The Nebraska City Public Schools are all accredited by the State of Nebraska and the North Central Association of Colleges & Schools. There are two elementary facilities, one middle school and one high school. In 2008, the community passed a $24 million school bond which is building a new K-2 elementary school, scheduled for completion in January 2010; an expansion and improvements to the 3-5th grade elementary school; and expansion and improvements to the high school. The Middle School was newly constructed about fifteen years ago.

Central Office: 215 North 12th Street, Nebraska City, NE 68410 - (402) 873-6033
Northside Elementary (K-2): 1212 12th Avenue, Nebraska City, NE 68410 - (402) 873-5561
Hayward Elemenatry (3rd – 5th): 306 South 14th Street, Nebraska City, NE 68410 - (402) 873-6641
Nebraska City Middle School (6th -8th): 909 1st Corso, Nebraska City, NE 68410 - (402) 873-5591
Nebraska City High School (9th – 12th): 141 Steinhart Park Rd., Nebraska City, NE 68410 - (402) 873-3360

Private Schools

Lourdes Central Catholic School has a preschool, elementary, middle and high school.

Central Office
412 2nd Avenue
Nebraska City, NE 68410
(402) 873-6154

Special Schools

Additionally, the community is home to the Nebraska Center for the Education of Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired who serve children and families across the state.

824 10th Avenue
Nebraska City, NE 68410
(888) 826-4355

Home Value

Nebraska City 2016 2021
Median Home Value $121,440 $136,227
Average Home Value $141,378 $149,317
<$50,000 74 89
$50,000 - $99,999 616 273
$100,000 - $149,999 646 864
$150,000 - $199,999 228 406
$200,000 - $249,999 113 146
$250,000 - $299,999 142 118
$300,000 - $399,999 115 80
$400,000 - $499,999 0 0
$500,000 - $749,999 0 0
$750,000 - $999,999 0 0
$1,000,000 + 0 0
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02

Housing Year Built

Year Range Houses Built
2010 or Later 11
2000-2009 254
1990-1999 318
1980-1989 265
1970-1979 291
1960-1969 452
1950-1959 428
1940-1949 352
1939 or Before 946
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02


Category Commuters
Workers 16+ 3,455
In-County Residents 2,763
Out-of-County Residents 482
Drive Alone 2,871
Carpooled 304
Public Transport 12
Work at Home 60
Less than 5 minutes 494
5-9 minutes 1,313
10-14 minutes 676
15-19 minutes 109
20-24 minutes 96
25-29 minutes 39
30-34 minutes 178
35-39 minutes 49
40-44 minutes 39
45-59 minutes 180
60-89 minutes 221
90+ minutes 1
Average Travel Time 15
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02

Nebraska City Workforce Occupations

Employees By NAICS

Category Number
Total Employees 4,024
Agr/Forestry/Fish/Hunt 44
Mining 0
Utilities 69
Construction 154
Manufacturing 496
Wholesale Trade 99
Retail Trade 792
Motor Veh/Parts Dealers 186
Furn & Home Furnish Str 7
Electronics & Appl Store 20
Bldg Matl/Garden Equip 31
Food & Beverage Stores 94
Health/Pers Care Stores 53
Gasoline Stations 12
Clothing/Accessory Store 71
Sports/Hobby/Book/Music 7
General Merchandise Str 224
Misc Store Retailers 82
Nonstore Retailers 5
Transportation/Warehouse 52
Information 69
Finance & Insurance 127
Cntrl Bank/Crdt Intrmdtn 72
Sec/Cmdty Cntrct/Oth Inv 10
Insur/Funds/Trusts/Other 45
Real Estate/Rent/Leasing 74
Prof/Scientific/Tech Srv 94
Legal Services 27
Mgmt of Comp/Enterprises 0
Admin/Support/Waste Mgmt 80
Educational Services 376
HealthCare/Social Assist 582
Arts/Entertainment/Rec 54
Accommodation/Food Srvcs 385
Accommodation 65
Food Srv/Drinking Places 320
Other Srv excl Pub Admin 245
Auto Repair/Maintenance 19
Public Administration Emp 227
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02

Nebraska City Wages


Source: US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web site, 2006

Average hourly earnings of production workers on manufacturing payrolls, 2005 $15.44


Nebraska City Workforce Establishments

Businesses By NAICS

Category Number
Total Businesses 455
Agr/Forestry/Fish/Hunt Bus 6
Mining Bus 0
Utilities Bus 3
Construction Bus 34
Manufacturing Bus 9
Wholesale Trade Bus 11
Retail Trade Bus 84
Motor Veh/Parts Dealers Bus 17
Furn & Home Furnish Str Bus 3
Electronics & Appl Store Bus 4
Bldg Matl/Garden Equip Bus 9
Food & Beverage Stores Bus 7
Health/Pers Care Stores Bus 7
Gasoline Stations Bus 6
Clothing/Accessory Store Bus 6
Sports/Hobby/Book/Music Bus 4
General Merchandise Str Bus 4
Misc Store Retailers Bus 15
Nonstore Retailers Bus 2
Transportation/Warehouse Bus 9
Information Bus 7
Finance & Insurance Bus 34
Cntrl Bank/Crdt Intrmdtn Bus 13
Sec/Cmdty Cntrct/Oth Inv Bus 6
Insur/Funds/Trusts/Other Bus 15
Real Estate/Rent/Leasing Bus 21
Prof/Scientific/Tech Srv Bus 28
Legal Services Bus 6
Mgmt of Comp/Enterprises Bus 0
Admin/Support/Waste Mgmt Bus 15
Educational Services Bus 11
HealthCare/Social Assist Bus 32
Arts/Entertainment/Rec Bus 14
Accommodation/Food Srvcs Bus 33
Accommodation Bus 7
Food Srv/Drinking Places Bus 26
Other Srv excl Pub Admin Bus 60
Auto Repair/Maintenance Bus 8
Public Administration Bus 36
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02

Nebraska City Govt Taxation


Tax Structure
Actual Valuation of City: $3,380,990,991 

Real Property Tax Rates ($ per $100 of actual value):

  City County School Other Total Real Property
2012-2013 $0.3888888 $0.3343366 $1.3481190 $0.1953770 $2.3551060


Bond Indebtedness:

  General Obligation Revenue
2008-2009 $3,155,226.00 $1,000,000.00


Nebraska City passed a $23.8 million bond in November 2007. Therefore, three Nebraska City Public School facilities: a new K-2nd grade Elementary school is was constructed north of the existing building and the 3rd-5th grade Elementary and High School facilities were remodeled and expanded. Additionally, in fall 2008, the Nebraska City High School track was resurfaced and a turf football field was installed.

State and local tax collections per capita, FY2004 $3,609
State tax revenue as a percent of personal income, 2003 6.6%
Corporate income taxes as a percent of state tax collections, 2005 5.2%


Nebraska City Workers Comp Unemployment


Source: Actuarial & Technical Solutions, Inc., Workers Compensation State Rankings, 2006 Edition, 2006


Source: USDOL, Employment Training Administration, 2006.

Average unemployment insurance tax rate on taxable wages, 2005 2.3%
Comparative workers compensation rate per $100 of payroll for manufacturing, 2006 $3.80


Nebraska City Labor Mgmt Relations

Percentage of wage & salary workers who are union members, 2006 7.9%

Nebraska is a Right-to-Work state.

Nebraska City Higher Education

Secondary Education Opportunities

Thirteen universities and four-year colleges and five community colleges are located within a 60-mile radius for study. Peru State College is a four year college located just 20-miles south of Nebraska City. Southeast Community College offers a wide variety of Continuing Education classes in Nebraska City and other communities in the region.

Educational Attainment (25+)

Educational Level Attained Number
Some High School 415
Graduated High School 1,722
Associates Degree 560
Bachelor's Degree 750
Graduate Degree 343
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02

Education Expenses

Category Amount
College Tuition $2,864,870
College School Books/Supplies $151,377
Voc/Tech School Books/Supplies $2,907
Source: ESRI, 2017-03-02

Nebraska City Intl Resources

Foreign-Trade Zone has been designated for Otoe County and will be partnering with Lancaster and Seward Counties to be part of Foreign Trade Zone #59.  Two Thousand Acres (2,000) have been allotted to FTZ #59 and those will be allocated based on requests by the businesses making the application. As a County, we will not be restricted to one specific area for a zone, nor is there a lid on the number of zones.  For example there could be zones in every district of the county if a qualifying company was located there.  A company must be the actual applicant for the FTZ on their property.  Foreign-Trade Zones are restricted-access sites that are considered outside the U.S. Customs territory.  Companies that operate in foreign-trade zones can defer, reduce, or eliminate Customs duties on foreign products admitted into zones for storage, exhibition, assembly, manufacture and processing.  Customs duties are not paid on products and materials exported from foreign-trade zones; they are paid only on products entered into U.S. Customs territory.  Zone users may elect to pay the duty rate applicable to either the original foreign material or the finished product manufactured from the foreign material, whichever is lower. No duties are owed on scrap/waste.  Zones provide the opportunity to reduce cycle time by expediting the receipt of foreign sourced material and filing summary entries only once per week.  This makes many U.S. operations more cost-competitive with overseas operations.

Nebraska City Transportation

map of Otoe County, NEWith the increasing costs of product distribution, Nebraska City’s central location near Interstates I-29 and I-80, Hwy 75 and Hwy 2 makes it an appealing location for commerce and industry.

Situated near two main interstate transportation routes, Nebraska City is ideally located. Interstate 29 (a North –South arterial route) is only a few miles to the east while Interstate 80 (East –West principal thoroughfare) is located 50 miles to the north near Omaha or 50 miles to the west in Lincoln. State Highway #2 is on the South side of Nebraska City connecting with both of these Interstates. Highway #2 is a four lane highway which is slated to gain Expressway designation in the near future with the Nebraska Department of Roads.


Trucking Distance Map

Nebraska City offers several Coast-to-Coast trucking firms for your long haul over the road trucking needs. For more information contact



The community is served by both the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroads. A private rail line (Arbor Rail Line) owned by the Omaha Public Power District is available for competitive access for development needs. Arbor Rail Line traverses Otoe County along the Highway #2 development corridor.


Nebraska City is bordered on the east by the Missouri River. A municipal terminal facility is currently leased to a private company utilizing barge loading and unloading in their operations. Barge traffic on the Missouri River has remained an integral part of Nebraska City’s commerce over the years and continues to play a role. For more information contact

Nebraska City’s centralized location in the United States as well as close proximity to major highways, Interstate systems, river barge traffic and available rail service makes this location a great fit for manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and commercial development.

Download the Transportation, Warehousing, Distribution, and Logistics Brochure


The Nebraska City Municipal Airport just 5 miles to the south possesses a 4500-foot runway to accommodate corporate jet traffic.

Links for Transportation Information:

Find Out Why Nebraska is the Answer to Your Transportation Issues.

Nebraska City Utilities

Electric, Natural Gas, Water, and Sanitary

Nebraska City is one of approximately 2,000 cities across the United States that have chosen to provide Electric Service through a not-for-profit, publicly owned electric utility.  Nebraska City Utilities also provides natural gas, water, and sanitary sewer service. Nebraska City Utilities - Service Areas and Statistics

Local control of the utilities systems gives the citizens of Nebraska City an active voice in policies affecting rates, service and operation.  It also promotes commitment to community service with local people working together to meet local needs.

The goal of the Nebraska City Utilities is to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost commensurate with that service.  This can best be accomplished by hiring and retaining the best quality employees to operate and maintain the utility system.

Nebraska City Utilities provides electric, natural gas, water and waste water service to Nebraska City and electric and natural gas service to several communities in the area. It maintains three natural gas fired power plants to serve its peaking needs as necessary and in time of grid outages.

Nebraska City Utilities also has a1.67% participation or approximately 10 MW in the OPPD Unit2 just directly south of Nebraska City.  This coal fired unit is capable of producing 670 MW and went on line May 2009.  Nebraska City Utilities also has a 4.55% participation in the Public Power Generation Agency's Hastings NE WEC-2 Unit scheduled to be commercial in February of 2011.  For Projects outside the jurisdiction of the Nebraska City Utilities, Omaha Public Power District is the electric provider.   Nebraska City Utilities and Omaha Public Power District are collaborative partners for projects requiring large sources or redundant power. 


Source: US Department of Energy, Energy Information Agency, 2004 data, 2006

Average Bill/Kilowatt Hour, Industrial Service, 2005  
75 kW, 50 Mwh $0.045
1,000 kW, 200 Mwh $0.072
1,000 kW, 400 Mwh $0.048
Average price of industrial gas per million Btus, 2005 $8.14


Internet:  Nebraska City is in year one of a three phase project providing "Fiber Optics" to the residental and commercial community offering 1 gigabit (100 times faster than national average internet speeds).

Telecommunications: Windstream Communications and Time Warner are providers to telecommunications in the area.

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