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The Nebraska Advantage Package is Nebraska’s comprehensive economic development incentives that meet the needs of your expanding or relocating business. During  the 2012 Legislative session, additional legislation was passed further enhancing Nebraska’s competitive incentives package. LB 1118 creates an additional tier 2 providing additional benefits for large data center projects, in addition to the benefits currently available for other tier 2 projects, for a 10 year personal property tax exemption for those projects. LB 1118 also allows a taxpayer to sign a single agreement for a tier 2 large data center project and sequential tier 5 project.

The Nebraska Advantage Act provides qualified companies:

  • Credits for qualified new investment.
  • Sales tax exemptions for qualified purchases.
  • Wage credits that may be applied to withholding.
  • Refundable tax credits for R&D expenditures.

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